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Rialto Bridge User Guide


Rialto is a bidirectional bridge that connects Findora to other EVM-compatible blockchains. This guide will walk you through how to configure the bridge to move assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Findora while using your Metamask Wallet.

Below are the key steps to move assets over from a source network (such as BSC) to a destination network (such as Findora).

Step-by-Step Instructions​

Step 1: Configure Metamask for both BSC and Findora​

Goto Metamask’s “Add Network” screen and configure Metamask to connect with BSC using the settings below:


BSC Network Settings on Metamask

Next, goto Metamask’s “Add Network” screen again and configure Metamask to connect with Findora using the settings below:


Findora Network Settings on Metamask

Check this link for more details on Findora Mainnet network configuration

Step 2: Fund Metamask with BNB Tokens​

Rialto bridge transactions whose assets originate from BSC must pay BNB gas fees on the BSC side of the bridge. Thus, you must first buy or transfer BNB tokens into your BSC Mainnet Metamask wallet. If you don’t have BNB tokens, you can buy them from an exchange like or any of the exchanges listed on this page.

Special Note: If you are a developer using the testnet version of Rialto bridge, you can get testnet FRA from the Findora Discord #faucet channel. To learn more about how to claim the tokens, checkout this guide.

Step 3: Transfer Tokens Across Bridge​

  • Goto and connect your BSC Metamask wallet.
  • Next set the “Source Network” to BSC.
  • Enter the token type and token amount you wish to send from BSC to Findora.
  • Enter your destination (Findora) wallet address and click “Start Transfer”.

To send the funds to the same destination wallet address (i.e. set both sending BSC address and receiving Findora address to the same value), click the “I want to send funds to my address” checkbox.


Rialto Bridge - Setup Tokens to Bridge Over

Step 4: Confirm Metamask Transaction​

Metamask will ask you to confirm your transaction. Click “Confirm” on the screens below.


Metamask - Confirm Access Permissions

Confirm on the screen below as well:


Metamask - Confirm Transaction

Step 5: View Transaction Details on EVM Block Explorer​

To view the completed bridge transaction log, goto Enter your wallet address into the search bar at upper right of the block explorer and hit enter. Next, click on the “Token Transfers” tab and look for the “Token Minting” success message. A successful bridge transaction will lock your token on the BSC side of the bridge and mint a new, corresponding token on the Findora side of the bridge.


Findora EVM Block Explorer - Confirm Transaction Success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

  1. Are there any fees for using the bridge?

    Yes. There is a gas fee. And for bridging assets out of Findora, there is a toll fee when moving assets from Findora to another blockchain. The toll fee schedule is below:

    • Findora -> BNB Smart Chain Bridge Toll: 330 FRA
  2. How can I get WETH or WBNB?

    You can swap the ETH to WETH by Uniswap. For WBNB, you can swap your BNB by Pancake Swap.

  3. How much reimbursement can I get from the reimbursement campaign?

    We reimburse the gas fee charged on the originating blockchain (i.e. Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, etc.) when transferring assets into Findora. However, there is a reimbursement cap of $120 worth of FRA for each reimbursement. Only bridge paths bringing assets into Findora is eligible for its own reimbursement payment (i.e. Ethereum->Findora, BNB Smart Chain -> Findora, etc.). Only 1 reimbursement per wallet per eligible bridge path.