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Request FRA Tokens Guide

To test the Findora suite of applications or get started with building on the Findora network, you can request to receive testnet tokens via our Discord bot: FindoraBot.

Request on Findora Native Chain

Below are the steps to request Anvil testnet FRA tokens on the UTXO Chain.

Step 1: Go to Findora Discord

Step 2: Go to #faucet channel on Findora's Discord

Step 3: FindoraBot will automatically detect commands requesting Testnet FRA EVM tokens. Specify the following command to send a request:

Bot Request Format:

!faucet <\wallet address> <Email> <\Will you run a validator? yes/no> > <\Are you a developer? yes/no>


!faucet fra19rtfg2g58x6jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx no no

Note: You can only ask for FRA tokens once evenry 24 hours, so make sure your receiving wallet address is correct.

Check FRA UTXO Balance

You will receive a message from the FindoraBot with the link to the transaction on the Findora Native block explorer for Anvil. You can input your fra address in the block explorer to check the transaction history.

Alternatively, you can also check your FRA balance on the Findora Native Chain using Wallet application by connecting to Anvil testnet. Go to Settings > Manage to configure and switch to Anvil Network.