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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any fees for using the bridge?

    Yes. There is a gas fee. And for bridging assets out of Findora, there is a toll fee when moving assets from Findora to another blockchain. The toll fee schedule is below:

    • Findora -> BNB Smart Chain Bridge Toll: 330 FRA
  2. How can I get WETH or WBNB?

    You can swap the ETH to WETH by Uniswap. For WBNB, you can swap your BNB by Pancake Swap.

  3. How much reimbursement can I get from the reimbursement campaign?

    We reimburse the gas fee charged on the originating blockchain (i.e. Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, etc.) when transferring assets into Findora. However, there is a reimbursement cap of $120 worth of FRA for each reimbursement. Only bridge paths bringing assets into Findora is eligible for its own reimbursement payment (i.e. Ethereum->Findora, BNB Smart Chain -> Findora, etc.). Only 1 reimbursement per wallet per eligible bridge path.