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One of the easiest ways to get FRA is on Kucoin or, some of the top exchanges in the world. We’ll use Kucoin as an example here.

Once you’ve set up a Kucoin account, you still can’t buy FRA directly with fiat currency or a credit card - you will need to trade for FRA using USDT. So, step 1 is to buy some USDT on Kucoin or transfer some over to your Kucoin account.

Then, go to trading:


Once you do, you can search for FRA in the search bar in the right-hand side of the screen.

You’ll find the USDT/FRA trading pool. Click on that to trade USDT for FRA:


Once you click on Trade, you’ll be taken to the USDT/FRA trading pair where you can trade for FRA:


Buying FRA from follows a similar process. So now, congratulations, you’ve got FRA!