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Personal Devnet

This guides shows how to run a Ganache-like personal local Findora blockchain in local environment for development and testing.

General Prerequisites

Install Golang

Tips for Linux (Ubuntu)

# first command needs to be run as root, rest as your normal user
sudo su
rm -rf /usr/local/go && tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.18.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

# exit root now

# add to path. For more permanent you should add this line to bottom of your ~/.profile
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

# check go version
go version

Install Rust

If already installed please update to 1.59 or newer

rustup update

Install System Specific Dependencies

sudo apt update && \
sudo apt upgrade -y && \
sudo apt install -y build-essential libleveldb-dev libssl-dev pkg-config clang libclang-dev librocksdb-dev

Build Required Binaries

Findora blockchain can run on both MacOS or Linux. Below command will build all required binaries to start a personal Findora blockchain.

git clone -b v0.3.19-release && \
cd platform && \
make build_release

Please make sure to add all below 3 binaries to your $PATH. By default they will be copied to ~/.cargo/bin/ which should already be in your $PATH.

stt: The tool to initialize Findora blockchain.

abcid: Findora core protocol.

tendermint: Tendermint consensus engine.

Install Python3 and toml-cli

Findora devnet tools are written in Python3 and uses toml-cli to manipulate configuration files. Install Python3 if you don't have one. Also install toml-cli using below command

pip3 install toml-cli

and then copy newly installed toml cli tool to /usr/local/bin to make it visiable

cp /Library/Python/3.x/site-packages/toml /usr/local/bin

Run Devnet

Under the platform path, execute make devnet in the terminal.

What's in devnet?

node0The validator
node1The fullnode
FaucetThe key pair that holds FRA

How to control devnet?

The local blockchain can be stopped and restarted anytime during development and tests.

To stop: ./tools/devnet/

To restart: ./tools/devnet/

To start over: make devnet again.

Devnet URLs and Ports

URLPurpose Findora Electron Wallet connection HTTP connection WebSocket connection


make build_release fails with go:linkname must refer to declared function or variable

Update your
# go to platform/tools/tendermint run following to update
go get -u